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Serving Women Taking Opioids During Pregnancy

We are conducting a research study to learn the best ways to support pregnant women who are taking opioids/opiates. We want to learn more about how different therapies help women to manage stress as a parent.

To Participate in the Study:

You must be pregnant
You must be taking opioids/opiates (e.g., oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, methadone, suboxone, or heroin)
As a part of the study, you will participate in eight weeks of individual therapy and will receive up to $270. 

Why are we doing this study?

Many women take opioids while they are pregnant to manage chronic pain, stress, and/or addiction. We are conducting this study to learn more about the needs of women taking opioids/opiates and how to support women to manage pain and stress as a parent. 

What should I expect? 

As a part of the study, you will attend eight individual therapy sessions with a licensed clinical social worker. You should expect to be treated with respect and gratitude by our team. You should expect us to listen to your experiences and your needs and offer support and skills in managing stress as a parent.

The Research Team

Sarah Priddy, LCSW,

is the Principal Investigator of the SWOOP Study and a PhD candidate at the University of Utah College of Social Work. She has over 8 years of post-MSW experience providing therapy to individuals, groups, and families. She is conducting the SWOOP Study in fulfillment of her doctoral studies.

Celine Saenz

is the Study Coordinator of the SWOOP Study and a student studying psychology at the University of Utah.

Dissertation Committee  

Sarah's dissertation committee consists of faculty from the University of Utah College of Social Work, including Dr. Eric Garland (chair), Dr. Lindsey Gezinski, Dr. Jason Castillo, Dr. Brad Lundahl, and Dr. Elisabeth Conradt from the University of Utah Department of Psychology.

Peer Debriefing Team 

Sarah's peer debriefing team consists of fellow doctoral students Michael Riquino, LCSW, Van Nguyen, MSW, and Jen Molloy, MSW, whose respective research areas include self-harm and adolescent mental health and well-being, disproportionate minority contact within the juvenile justice system, and implementing restorative justice in educational settings. They will assist with data management and analysis.


To learn more about the study, please call, text, or email us!

University of Utah College of Social Work 
395 S 1500 E Salt Lae City, UT 84112


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